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This blog is, as from today (12 Dec. 2009), a tribute to James Hadley Chase, who wrote with great precision zillions of novels set in the USA , without (hardly)ever having set foot in it. I hope I can measure up to him -even if only just a bit.


After some painstaking and futile attempts I've realised that Chase must have been a much more conscientious man when it came to geographical accuracy (or just plainly much more into maps than I am). So, while still dedicated to him, I hope readers will forgive -and perhaps enjoy- some creative licence on my part...

Friday, 6 August 2010

Did they find the cheeseburgers? I don't know...most probably. I just followed them into the hole and wandered off to Virtual Africa to visit Kat, my meerkat. Only to find out that......he was gone!!! I called him and he said "Yip" as usual but then instead of coming to me he said "Bye" and went to the den. I tried calling him a few (ehem a lot) more times..but nothing.

I wonder where he is and how he's doing...I miss him, but perhaps it's only natural...meerkats are wild animals. We were friends but after two months he's all grown up and perhaps needs to explore on his own. Has he found a female meerkat and started a family? There are babies around...

I've cried and felt lonely with out him but need to accept it's part of life. I've adopted a second meerkat (minikat -I know I'm sooo original with names!!) and he's very different from Kat. Kat followed me almost from day 1; minikat is much more playful in that: he will say Yip and start sneaking away...I hope we get to be friends.

Kat (sleeping) and I in happier times

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