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This blog is, as from today (12 Dec. 2009), a tribute to James Hadley Chase, who wrote with great precision zillions of novels set in the USA , without (hardly)ever having set foot in it. I hope I can measure up to him -even if only just a bit.


After some painstaking and futile attempts I've realised that Chase must have been a much more conscientious man when it came to geographical accuracy (or just plainly much more into maps than I am). So, while still dedicated to him, I hope readers will forgive -and perhaps enjoy- some creative licence on my part...

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Bentham forest

This weekend, just like other "wandering photographers", I visited Bentham forest in SL. It's a dark scary beautiful place and a roleplay sim. I didn't RP but entered as a visitor so I was supposed to be safe. And yet...knowing that didn't help when my curiosity made me open (at my own risk!) a coffin near the Manor. A soul catcher came out; he'd collected 5 souls so far and his energy was at 100% -avatar or not, visitor... I got scared and fled the site.

That taught me to stick to the forest and leave the manor eyes peered at me from the dark depths, but that was all...and my fear was appeased. Then I was able to take these photographs amid the swamps, mushrooms and trees...

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