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This blog is, as from today (12 Dec. 2009), a tribute to James Hadley Chase, who wrote with great precision zillions of novels set in the USA , without (hardly)ever having set foot in it. I hope I can measure up to him -even if only just a bit.


After some painstaking and futile attempts I've realised that Chase must have been a much more conscientious man when it came to geographical accuracy (or just plainly much more into maps than I am). So, while still dedicated to him, I hope readers will forgive -and perhaps enjoy- some creative licence on my part...

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Originally uploaded by kaibara87
Now Kitty was angry -his encounter with the car lady hadn't gone well and all the delicious birds had flown away. So he took it out on the first living thing he found.

In order to explain the lack of claws here, it's up to you to decide whether he was tired and not used to hunting, not angry anymore but playful, or just such a gifted hunter he didn't need to use claws at all!! (we know he hadn't been de-clawed, which is just plain cruel and shouldn't happen to any cat or living clawed organism)

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